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Foreclosures/Loss Mitigation

Curtis Law Firm, LLC can help you save your home. We know the law and we will help uphold your rights. I can counsel you to make the right decision, review important documents, negotiate with the other side and advocate on your behalf. Relying on the guidance of Curtis Law Firm, LLC can ease your anxiety and protect you from agreeing to terms that are not in your best interests. If you are experiencing any legal issues relating to a Florida law foreclosure we can help with the following issues:

  • Foreclosure
  • Modification
  • Short sales
  • Deed In Lieu
  • Deficiency Judgment

Don't just walk away from your mortgage; voluntary surrender or short-sale of your Florida home can have serious tax and legal implications. We encourage you to contact our office today at 1-(352) 333-7207, or contact us by e-mail.

Real Estate

Florida Law Office and Real Estate Title Company

If you need help with the purchase or sale of a home or other residential real estate property, Curtis Law Firm, LLC can help. To assist clients with residential real estate transactions, we have a sister company, Community Title, LLC, which has helped many clients with residential real estate transactions.

For most people, the purchase or sale of a home is the single largest financial transaction of a lifetime. When it comes time to buy or sell your home, let an experienced professional take care of the details for you.

If you are buying or selling a home, we can assist with the negotiation of the contract, the preparation of the contract, closing documents, title search, title work, title insurance, and the closing itself. If you are purchasing a home, we can provide legal advice that may be helpful to your estate planning goals, including how property should be titled.

We offer competitive pricing on our real estate services and always strive to provide the highest standard of service and professionalism. To learn more about our firm and how we can help you, contact our offices at (352) 333-7207 or our sister company, Community Title, LLC at (352) 331-0817 or contact us by e-mail.

Title Insurance: Community Title

If you need quality title work or title insurance for a residential real estate transaction throughout Florida, we encourage you to learn more about Community Title, LLC. As a leading title insurance agency, Community Title, LLC has helped many buyers and sellers with their real estate closings and title insurance.

Community Title, LLC is a wholly-owned sister company of Curtis Law Firm, LLC. Our firm and our title company are pleased to represent individuals and businesses throughout Florida with their residential and commercial real estate needs.

Residential and Commercial Real Estate Transactions

We believe strongly that having the assistance of a lawyer as well as a title company can provide significant benefits. Both, Curtis Law Firm, LLC and Community Title, LLC are authorized title agents for Old Republic National Title Insurance Company and First American Title Insurance Company.

We represent buyers, sellers, developers, and investors in residential and commercial real estate properties from the point of negotiations to real estate closings. If you need experienced representation, we encourage you to learn more about us.

For assistance with a residential or commercial real estate transaction, including title work, contracts, title insurance, zoning, and other real estate matters, contact us at (352) 333-7207, or contact us by e-mail.


Landlord Matters

Curtis Law Firm, LLC, handles eviction matters throughout North Central Florida. We offer flat rate attorneys' fees in order to simplify the eviction process. In order to file your eviction, we will require a copy of a legally valid three (3) day notice and a copy of your Lease. If you need a three day notice, we can prepare it for you and we will include the cost of the preparing the notice in the price of the eviction. Evictions typically take four to six weeks when the eviction is uncontested. In addition to filing for eviction, we can assist the Landlord in obtaining a monetary judgment against the Tenant for unpaid rent.

Tenant Matters

Curtis Law Firm, LLC, handles eviction matters on behalf of Tenants. We offer legal assistance to Tenants in recovery in their security deposit from the Landlord under Florida Law. We also pursue claims of unlawful eviction against Landlords who do not follow the law in evicting their Tenants. Finally, in some circumstances we can defend your tenant eviction against your Landlord. Contact us to obtain additional information for legal assistance for Tenants. To speak with a lawyer at our firm about a landlord/tenant matter, please contact our office at (352) 333-7207, or contact us by e-mail.

Estate Planning

At Curtis Law Firm, LLC, we are focused on helping people. We enjoy helping families with their estate planning needs. We offer a full range of estate planning services ranging from simple wills to complex trusts and estate planning documents.

When working with clients to serve their estate planning needs, we have several goals. First, our goal is to help clients obtain peace of mind. Knowing that family members and loved ones are taken care of in times of family crisis can be a tremendous source of calm and satisfaction. Second, our goal is to help clients avoid unnecessary estate taxes and other financial consequences that can result when people do not plan appropriately for death or incapacity. Third, our goal is to help clients transfer assets in the most prudent and efficient manner possible, to avoid probate if possible, and avoid the cost and delay of a guardianship proceeding.

When people think of estate planning, they typically think of wills and trusts. Our firm not only has extensive experience drafting wills and trusts, we also provide estate planning services that are also designed to protect client's rights and wishes in the event of incapacity.

Some of the estate planning documents we prepare for clients include:

  • Wills
  • Living wills
  • Trusts
  • Durable powers of attorney
  • Healthcare surrogates
  • Pour-over wills


In Florida, when a person dies with assets titled in his or her individual name, there must be a probate. This is true even if the deceased had a valid will. An experienced estate planning attorney may be able to help your family avoid the process of probate through the transfer of assets by trusts and other estate planning techniques.

At Curtis Law Firm, LLC, we provide comprehensive estate planning services to people throughout North Central Florida. For clients who need assistance with the probate of an estate, we are pleased to offer our many years of experience.

When assisting clients with the probate of an estate, our goal is to take the burden of complex legal issues away from clients so they can focus on their family and their emotional needs. We understand that the passing of a loved one is a tremendously challenging time in the life of clients and we do everything in our power to handle all legal affairs as efficiently and professionally as possible to ease the burden of their loss.

We handle the entire probate process and assist with these and other matters;

  • Gathering of information
  • Determination of the validity of the will
  • Filing of the will
  • Recording of the death certificate
  • Filing the petition to begin probate administration
  • Providing notice to creditors

If you or a loved one needs to speak with an experienced Florida probate lawyer, we encourage you to contact our law office today at (352) 333-7207 for assistance.

Business Law

At Curtis Law Firm, L L C we assist small and large business owners throughout North Central Florida with a wide range of business law matters. We are pleased to assist clients with a wide range of business and commercial law matters, including:

  • General advice and counsel
  • Contracts
  • Financial transactions
  • Review of documents
  • Business and commercial transactions
  • Business formations and entity selection

To speak with a lawyer at our firm about a business or commercial law matter, please contact our office at 352-333-7207, or contact us by e-mail.

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